It takes a lot of effort to maintain brand identity. It’s much more than just a logo and a color scheme. Creating a “brand” is about creating a cohesive look and “feel” for your company, across every possible platform. From print to web, it’s important to keep your brand consistent.


For the most part, businesses who seek the services of a designer maintain a solid presence via a professionally designed logo, branding (to include color scheme, fonts, etc), and website which incorporates all the above. These companies frequently get some merch done with the logo, maybe a new sign, and business cards. However, one area many of them seem neglect when it comes to brand cohesiveness is social media. We frequently see businesses utilize a profile logo image or cover photo that doesn’t fit the dimensions or is blurry because they didn’t size the image the right way. While it may seem like no big deal (it’s just Facebook after all…), for many people, this is their first impression of your business. It’s true, your website should remain your biggest priority in digital marketing but if you are going to have a social media presence, don’t allow it to degrade your brand. It should add value to your digital marketing presence. And it’s easy to do. Here’s how.



First, start with appropriately sized images. Each social media platform is different, so plopping the same profile picture across all your pages may not result in the best quality image. Since standard sizes change frequently, it is good to google the images sizes when adding or changing an image.


For cover photos, keep in mind that they render differently on different screens. Try to keep the content you want the customers to see in the middle of the image, so when somebody is browsing your page on mobile it’s not cut off by mobile settings. This image should be branded to the rest of your digital presence and should maintain the look of all your marketing. Many businesses throw a random picture from a camera phone up as their cover photo but that typically doesn’t look good.



Now that you have your profile picture and cover photo set and looking freakin’ sweet, you might think that you’re done dealing with branding your social media pages, right? Nope, we’re just getting started. You are now going to be continually posting on social media to all your current and potential customers and followers. This is yet another free opportunity to show off your top notch brand. Your logo, and brand identity, should be present on every single thing you create online. Studies done on social media engagement show that pages that use images in their posts get 40-60% more notice on all social media sites than posts without them. Therefore it is almost pointless to not include some type of imaging along with your posts. A good way to maintain your brand identity is to create template images that are branded to fit your overall cohesive digital marketing portfolio. Don’t forget to make sure that your templated images are appropriately sized for each social media platform. Like cover photos and profile images, posts made to Facebook will render completely different in your Twitter stream. So it is worth taking the time to cater each post to each platform so that your audience sees the post as you intend them to see it.



While social media will never be as important as your website when it comes to showing off your brand to consumers, it has become more and more of a necessity. Taking these extra steps might take a bit more time and effort than you think it should but the studies all show it pays dividends. So make sure people pay attention to your brand and don’t just swipe/scroll right past you. Be seen.


If making custom cover photos and branding templates for your social media pages seems like too much of a lift for you or you just don’t do “graphics”, keep in mind that this is a service that we can provide. We will work with you to create a fully branded social media kit, along with templates for posting and even properly sized advertisements. A social media kit can be catered to just one or to many platforms and can be designed for special promotions or for regular, day-to-day use. It’s your brand, and it’s up to you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about making your social media page stand out.

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